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UNDERSTANDING OF SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)

Understanding of the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) - SERP is short for Search Engine Result Pages in the Indonesian language as a Search Engine Results Page. 

When we want to search for a web page with Google, someone will enter a keyword and press the button [search / browse] and after that it will appear after a page called a SERP. 
Understanding SERP is a page that contains search results from a keyword in the search engine [google, yahoo, bing, etc.]. This SERP is dynamic. The method used by the Search Engine in displaying the SERP will change from time to time. 
UNDERSTANDING OF SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)
Besides that, every search engine also has a secret method that is different from other Search Engines. However, the search engine will still try to display the results that are as relevant as possible even though in fact sometimes with the results that are not relevant or even not found. 
Why is that so? So how do the search engines find sites and display them in SERP? Go…
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DOFOLLOW AND NOFOLLOW DIFFERENCES -  In the world of blogging, there are the terms dofollow and nofollow blogs. 

Then what is the meaning of dofollow and nofollow blogs? 
For friends who are bloggers who have been in the blogging world for a long time, understanding and not being foreign are certainly confused with this term.
So from this blogger mania makes this post which aims to share a variety of things and information that I know about dofollow and nofollow blogs and their respective advantages and disadvantages.
Understanding DoFollow Blog That is that the link that we input when commenting it will be considered as a link backlink by search engines such as Google or will also be interpreted instructing the search engine to give effect to increased ranking on the target link from the hyperlink text by search engines such as Google or it will also be interpreted instructing the search engine to give the effect of increasing rankings on the target link …


Causes of Blog Indexes and Traffic Down Drastically -  Some days this is the BLOGGER mania or Indonesian publisher in particular has decreased traffic or visitors to the blog or website. And the Publishers and even then there was something strange with such conditions.

This incident made many who were surprised even complained, because by the way the index and visitor suddenly dropped, maybe from which 10K jumped down to 1K, 
wow wow wow this is the thing that maybe we didn't receive, after having painstakingly posted 10 articles per day, now the index is down. if 'already the index as a visitor goes down, obviously Earning will also go down [especially the public who plays CPC and CPS]
blog statistics decreased -  Google reportedly was cleaning, not knowing what to clean, well maybe one of them would have been to clean up blogs that were Auto / AGC. and the blog that is certainly COPAS content [Be careful if 'Kopas, because Kopas also has…


Easy Ways ofpage SEO Optimization on Blog . - At the previous meeting, I once shared a tutorial as well as a guide to seo too, hehehe at this meeting I will just share things with all the things that are according to what should be learned, is that ?? 

I do not know later I will explain, in brief, a brief story, let's listen to it directly, oh I don't think it's good to listen first, if it's an optimization of page? So you will know more about seo science.
Understanding offpage SEO Optimization.

In the world of blogging optimization seo is divided into two parts between "onpage" and "offpage" each of which has different meanings and techniques. 

And times when it does not even tell you about the page.

Offpage SEO will only be a search engine optimization technique that is done outside the blog page. So the essence of page is that some seo techniques are done outside the blog page. 
How much do I understand? I just assume you understand what I mean. Someti…


HOW TO INCREASE GOOGLE ADSENSE CTR / CTR - CTR is an abbreviation of Click-Through Rate or in Indonesian it is called CTR which stands for the Click-through Ratio.

Suddenly you know what the purpose of this CTR is? That is definitely CTR here is not discussing about Crash Team Racing huh ^^ (that's the name of the game huh). 
The purpose of the CTR / CTR here is how many people click on ads multiplied by the number of ad impressions. In short, the CTR will be a percentage of clicks from our ad impressions, the higher the CTR / CTR, the more our income will be regardless of CPC / BPK. 
Here I will not discuss about CPC / CPC (maybe it will be discussed in different posts) Here we will focus on discussing the number of ways to improve the ctr / ctr of our blog, so I will share tricks to improve the ctr for the slow release, and the ctr / ctr of our blog, so I will share tricks to improve the ctr of the sluggish, and the slow, and the ctr of our b…